Cherry Wood Nightstand For Bedroom

Cherry Wood Nightstand For BedroomCherry wood furniture is classic in its elegant appearance. It is also a sturdy material that offers durability. Before you start shopping for a cherry wood nightstand for bedroom use, you should know a little more about this material. Cherry wood furnishings can be natural or they can be stained a darker shade.

A true natural cherry wood tone is closer to a light pink than a brown. Some items available maybe stained a darker color. You might notice them by their dark brown-reddish color.

Before choosing your nightstand there are a couple of things to keep in mind. The size of your bedroom needs to be considered as well as the features you want included in the furniture itself. While you may be tempted to buy the largest one possible for the added storage space it provides buying a nightstand that dwarfs your bedroom will make it look out of place and give your bedroom a cramped appearance.

How high your bed sits off the floor is something else to give consideration too. Some stands have legs that make the nightstand taller while others rest directly on the bedroom floor. Neither one has an advantage over the other one so your personal preference is all that needs to be taken into consideration. Keep in mind also that the nightstand does not need to be placed directly by the bed but can be put in a corner or wherever else you like.

As far as features are concerned most nightstands have two available drawers. There are models that feature three drawers. Their advantage is that they provide more storage for your personal items. The disadvantage is the they cost more, sometimes twice as much. Decide if the extra cost justifies the added storage area.

Cherry wood nightstands are a beautiful addition to any bedroom. They last and are easy to care for and something to definitely consider next time you are looking to purchase a nightstand.

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